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Open workshops & events

We love sharing our game-changing learning with others. Join us for a free Tea & Toast session, or sign up for one of our open workshops, to find out more about what we do.

Join us free of charge for tea, toast, and an exciting talk from one of our team. Past topics have included influencing at work and "thinking fast and slow".

Tea & Toast

You know the ones – conversations that you put off or, maybe worse, that replay in your head long after they are finished because they didn’t go well. This workshop looks at the factors that make conversations difficult, and gives you techniques and tools to overcome them. 

Difficult Conversations

Women are under-represented in leadership positions, while women’s contribution as leaders is increasingly recognised. This workshop is a chance for women to look at the systemic barriers to career progress, including self-imposed ones, and develop strategies to overcome them. 

Women's Leadership

You can’t do Agile without being agile. And being agile starts with an agile mindset. This programme takes a broad, not narrow, view of agile. We’ll focus on business agility: agile throughout an organisation, not a project methodology.

KickStart to Business Agility

This workshop is built on the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment of your natural talents. We explore the idea that your moments of achievement, ease, and satisfaction come when you are using your natural talents. You’ll learn about your natural talents and find out how you can develop them into strengths.

Gallup Strengths: Make the Most of You

KickStart to Leadership is an interactive and highly practical leadership development programme for those who lead others. You’ll increase your confidence,
competence and capability to focus on your personal development goals.

KickStart to Leadership

As humans we are all affected by bias. Bias has costs – it limits options, inhibits decision-making, and erodes trust. Once we recognise our biases, we can see how they affect our relationships, work, and workplaces. And that is great motivation for developing strategies to overcome our biases.

Our Brains and Bias