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18 May 2020

We're continuing to reimagine the way we can partner and work with you. The push to remote working and virtual meetings gives us more options for how we can meet your needs and preferences. We've been making calls to check in with you. Beat us to it—pick up the phone!

11 May 2020

Like many people, we're ready to get out of our houses and back into the world. And we're exited to hear what today's 4 PM announcement will bring for all of us. Meanwhile, we've continued to embrace this virtual reality and have launched a Zoom-based Kickstart to Leadership programme.

4 May 2020

The bi-monthly ritual of Tea & Toast is now a weekly webinar, and we'd like to know what you want to hear about. Fill in our form to give us your suggestions.

28 April 2020

Consultancy, training, and coaching have all remained on the work menu—as online options. Our bi-monthly Tea & Toast talks are now weekly online. Use the links in this newsletter to find to recordings for the past Tea & Toast Online and registrations for the next.

21 April 2020

Next week, New Zealand moves from level 4 to level 3. That’s progress. At The Training Practice we’re learning, carrying on, and here to help. We can deliver all our services online. Consulting, learning, and coaching can happen anywhere.

7 April 2020

We're working out what is possible as we work from home. We've got meetings and workshops going. Now it's time for Tea & Toast: the online, BYO series!

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