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Past issues

December 2019

Hilary Bryan looks at learning and development trends for 2020 through the lens of Deloitte's Human Capital Global Trends report.

October 2019

Hilary has been thinking about learning agility. Her latest blog identifies four kinds of learning agility—and comes with a reminder to be prepared for disruption.

August 2019

We often get asked how people can increase their influence in the workplace. Our latest blog takes inspiration from Instagram, and the techniques of professional influencers you can apply at work.

November 2019

Maybe voters are weird?

September 2019

The Training Practice is moving to new premises on level 7, 114 The Terrace on 16 September.

July 2019

Agile leaders are enablers of the people they lead, and disrupters at the same time. And that's a paradox some find hard to embrace in reality.

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