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Unlock the potential and inspire greatness in leaders at every level

Great leaders are continually learning and growing, as well as inspiring others within their organisation.


How can you impact your leaders and support those growing into leadership? By working with experts who understand
the challenges - and amazing opportunities - that come with leadership.


We keep up-to-date with leadership ideas and practices so your leaders are equipped to blaze trails now and in the future.
Our holistic approach develops and strengthens leadership for individuals, teams and at the organisational level.


Let’s work together to unlock leadership potential and make a real impact.

Kickstart to Leadership

Aimed at new or aspiring leaders, this programme does exactly what its name suggests; kickstarting a vision and inspiring participants to explore what good leadership is, and ways to bring out the best in themselves and others. 

We offer Kickstart either as a two-day, face-to-face programme or as four half-day modules online.


Click here for details of up and coming public Kickstart programmes, or contact us to schedule an in-house Kickstart for your emerging leaders.

KickStart to Leadership

Leadership assessments

An assessment can stand alone or be part of a larger programme. Assessments are effective for giving an individual feedback and a chance to reflect on the impact their leadership. Then, we work together to maximise potential outcomes and move forward.

Leadership coaching

Leaders need to be nurtured and replenished.  One-on-one coaching allows leaders to explore their issues, work through challenges and take action to move forward. 


Coaching helps emerging leaders recognise the barriers to progress in a supportive, affirming way. Coaching helps established leaders continue to grow, and helps burnt-out leaders reclaim their sense of purpose.


Our coaching is challenging, relevant and brings about shifts in thinking and behaviour.

Leadership frameworks

Work with us to develop an organisation-wide leadership framework. This can include behaviours, competencies and development pathways.

Women's leadership development

Sticky floors, labyrinths, concrete ceilings, the double bind and bias are just some of the reasons women struggle to reach leadership positions. 


Work with us to unravel the complex interplay of systems, attitudes and behaviours that create challenges for women leaders. Then work with us to develop leadership strategies for women and allow them to set their own agendas.

Customised leadership programmes

Our leadership programmes are customised to you and your organisational context. We talk your language and work with your challenges, whether it is strategy and innovation, team building, communication, or inspiring vision and impact. 

Strategy and innovation 

  • Thinking and planning strategically

  • Thinking creatively and innovating

  • Get focused, get organised, get results

  • Improving customer service  

Team building

  • Developing emotional & social Intelligence 

  • Leading diverse and inclusive teams

  • Increasing engagement 


  • Conversations that matter 

  • Building & maintaining relationships 

  • Persuading & influencing others 

  • Storytelling 

Managing performance 

  • Coaching your people 

  • Managing difficult behaviour


As well as tailoring the content of the programme to suit you, we tailor the delivery. As well as workshops and coaching, we offer other delivery tools we’ve found effective for  leadership programmes:

  • e-Learning

  • reflection 

  • action learning 

  • assessments

  • buddying 

  • shadowing.

Specialist programmes

The key to leadership development in your organisation may come from another of our areas of expertise:

  • Business Agility - our approach to agile can help leaders thrive in complex environments

  • Strengths - the CliftonStrengths model shows you how to develop your talents into leadership strengths

  • Diversity & Inclusion - leaders who embrace diversity and foster inclusion get better results

  • Change - every leader has to manage change; we can help you seize the opportunities change presents

  • Individual & team assessments - we’re accredited in a range of assessments that help identify areas for development

Let's make an impact on what leadership looks like for your organisation.
Get in touch.

Our latest thinking on leader development

Kickstart to Leadership (June 10, 12, 17, 19), 4 half-day modules

Kristen Gyorgak

9 June 2024

Kickstart to Leadership (June 10, 12, 17, 19), 4 half-day modules

Kickstart is an interactive and highly practical leadership development programme for those who are beginning to lead others. The June 2024 programme runs on 10, 12, 17 and 19 June (details below). You’ll increase your confidence, competence and capability to focus on your personal development as a leader.

Tea & Toast: Imposter Syndrome

Hilary Bryan

30 May 2024

Tea & Toast: Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome - it's alive and unhelpful. Hilary will guide us through practical strategies to combat self-doubt and embrace your true capabilities. See you there!

Leading into the Future

Kristen Gyorgak

27 May 2024

Leading into the Future

The world is changing. Life is changing. Work is changing. To keep up, we must adapt our leadership styles, and adopt new ways of working.

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