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Business agility

Partner with us to develop your people and grow your business agility capability. Our approach is broad, not narrow, agile. We bring fresh thinking and encourage a wide range of agile ideas and practices to collide and combine.

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Business planning and strategy

We take a system-view to understand your environment and partner on various aspects of planning, strategy, and problem-solving. Our consultancy can support you in turning your strategy into action.



Change is inevitable. Advancing technology and diverse expectations mean it’s happening faster than ever.



We’re communicating all the time whether we know it or not. We can never learn enough about interpersonal communication. We draw on neuroscience, psychology, and communication theory and practice to make sure you can communicate effectively in person or in writing.


Culture and engagement

Partner with us to examine your culture and engagement and then develop a strategy to enhance or change your culture and improve engagement.

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Diversity and inclusion

Everyone should feel safe and valued bringing their full selves to work. Diversity is being invited to the table. Inclusion is speaking out when you’re there. Belonging is being listened to. Diversity & Inclusion isn’t a nice to have. It’s a business necessity.

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You may be a government insider or outsider. Either way, knowing the inside story — the why, what, and how — of central and local government is essential for public and private sector organisations. That knowledge means you can navigate your way around decision-making, politics, and processes that shape both sectors.


Leader development

Leadership is key to team and organisational success. People want to be led by an authentic person who understands their wider purpose and can adapt to different challenges and people. Self-awareness is the start to lead effectively in our ever-changing and complex world.



Focusing on strengths gets better results for individuals, teams and whole organisations. It sounds simple, but the evidence is overwhelming. Once people can map the route from their talents to their specific strengths, they can use them to create success. Our accredited CliftonStrengths team will help you achieve more.


Team development

At the heart of great teams is individual team member self-awareness, collective team unity, and honest and open dialogue. We draw on a wide variety of different approaches to ensure you can successfully develop individual team members and your overall team.

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Resilience and wellbeing

Constant change and occasional crises are energising for some. For others, they are wearing and potentially stressful. We all need to have strategies in place for building and maintaining our resilience and recognising what we need for personal wellbeing.



Assessments give you and your team insights into preferences, styles and strengths. Those insights lead to greater awareness of how people operate and what to dial up or down.