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We're experienced thought leaders with ideas that matter



Understand your individual and your team's preferences, styles, and strengths


For individuals, assessments and debriefs are powerful ways to take stock and then move forward. For teams, assessments create greater team cohesion through empathy and understanding.


Find out more about the assessment tools we recommend.

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Business Agility

Develop your people and grow your business agility capability

Business Agility

Co-create your agility journey with us to achieve your outcomes. Our Agility Powerpack is wedded to your reality and context.


We're agile agnostic, drawing on what works for you from different agility approaches. Partner with us for an organisation development, leadership and human-centred approach to bring agility to life.

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Whether your change is planned or in response to changing circumstances, we can help.


We have expertise to support leaders, teams, and organisations to help you:

  • Prepare for change

  • Lead people through change

  • Be resilient through change

  • Communicate change

  • Lead in the new environment

Move from where you are to where you need to be

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Take a fresh look at how you communicate


We develop and deliver communication learning and coaching to help you:

  • Tell great stories

  • Develop your business writing

  • Influence decision-makers

  • Strengthen relationships

  • Connect with customers

  • Resolve conflict

  • Hone your presentation skills

  • Facilitate meetings and training

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Customer Service

Identify and create positive experiences for your internal and external customers

Customer Service

Partner with us to provide excellent customer service that shows you care. We use the latest research, neuroscience principles, and influencing techniques to build human-centric and customer-first approaches.


We work with frontline customer service teams and teams who service internal customers. Together we can:

  • Build and assess your customer experience journey map

  • Recognise and meet the needs and expectations of your customers 

  • Create delightful experiences for your customers 

  • Apply your values to your customer standards  

  • Manage difficult customers and experiences 

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Diversity & Inclusion

Embrace diversity and promote inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We challenge ourselves and our clients to take action on diversity and inclusion.


Our motivation comes from being human-centred. The benefits are increases in psychological safety, innovation, business outcomes.


You can achieve these benefits for your people and your organisation.

We’ll create or recommend solutions that fit your context. This might include:  

  • Our brains and bias

  • Cultural intelligence

  • Develop emotional and social intelligence

  • Intergenerational workplaces

  • Traits of diverse and inclusive leaders

  • Women’s leadership



See the big picture, understand your place within it and operate more effectively as a result


Years of experience, tracking changes, and being up to date with what’s really happening make our workshops valuable, insightful and worthwhile. 


The programme includes:


  • How our system of central and local government works in practice

  • The structure of your sector and how it’s changing

  • Processes, accountabilities and decision-making

  • How public servants should act

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Unlock potential leaders and revitalise existing leaders’ performance


We get under your skin, bring a human-centred mindset, and add value to your leaders and your organisation. Your programme will be tailored to you. It could include:


  • Self-awareness and developing leadership authenticity

  • Leading people

  • Leading forward thinking and strategy

  • Leading complexity and ambiguity


Planning & Strategy

Turn your strategy into action

Planning & Strategy

We support teams and organisations with:

  • Goal setting / Line of sight

  • Team business planning

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Annual planning

  • KPI / Target setting

  • Strategic thinking and planning


You’re welcome to use of ‘line of sight’ team activity for yourself. Or talk to us about how we can bring it to life for you.

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Resilience & Wellbeing

Develop skills and habits to help yourself thrive

Resilience & Wellbeing

Our resilience and wellbeing learning, coaching, and consulting centres on finding your purpose, as an individual and as an organisation.


Everyone builds their resilience and creates personal wellbeing differently. That’s why we bring in a wide variety of ideas and approaches that resonate with different people.

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Focus on strengths to get better results for individuals, leaders, teams and whole organisations


Teams which integrate their strengths into their ways of working and business planning perform better. Our coaching and team workshops help identify areas for individual, leader and team development. 

We've worked with newly formed and longstanding teams to build on their Strengths base to: 

  • Create their ways of working 

  • Identify collaboration opportunities 

  • Allocate work or 

  • Undergo business planning.



Build great teams to create great results


We tailor development to your team and no two sessions are the same. The end result? Committed team members, psychologically safe teams, and outcomes achieved.

This can include:

  • Team assessments and recognising what each team member brings

  • Strengths and building on individual and team strengths

  • Planning and reflecting

  • Having the hard conversations and resolving conflict

  • Creating trust, building collaboration and developing resilience

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