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We’ll take you on a journey that shines light into government’s hidden corners

How Government Works

Let’s get right down to the reality of how our government system works with your organisation and sector at the centre. Once you’re up to speed, you’ll feel more confident and see the different parts of the machine working.


We’ll paint an up to date picture for you. And we’ll talk your language, and be relevant and tailored to you.

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Working with the Official Information Act (OIA) 

Accountability, openness and transparency are at the heart of the OIA. Legislation, processes and recent cases will make sure you have the full picture and can play your role.


We’ll cover the legislative basics and then go further into Ombudsman’s guidelines and how your organisation manages requests.


How Local Government Works

Stay ahead with what’s happening in your Council and local government overall. With so much changing, you need to understand the basics of how our 78 councils operate and the challenges they face. Water, infrastructure, climate change, local services are all on the agenda.


Our tailored workshops focus on your council and region.

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Our latest thinking on government

Aotearoa politics & public sector 20/20 hindsight

Hilary Bryan


10 December 2020

Aotearoa politics & public sector 20/20 hindsight

In our December webinar Hilary took a look back on Aotearoa politics, the public sector in 2020 and what lies ahead.