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Find a common language to build stronger, more successful teams

Assessments are a tool. A hammer can’t build the shed for you, but it will absolutely help.
Personal and team assessments are exactly the same. 


Assessments give you and your team insights into preferences, styles and strengths. Those insights lead to greater awareness of how people operate and what to dial up or down.They add value to one-on-one coaching,
leadership programmes and team development. 


Keen to dive deeper? Read our thoughts on when assessments work best,
as well as when they may not be the best tool for the job.


We offer a variety of assessments. Get in touch today to find out what assessments can work best for you,
your team and your organisation!

Partner with us on:

Individual and team assessments

  • Gallup CliftonStrengths (Top 5 or Full report)

  • DiSC

  • TetraMap

  • Team Management Profile (TMP / TMS)

  • TMS: Leadership Development Profile 

360° profiles and assessments

  • Leadership Success Profile (LSP)

  • DiSC Leadership assessment 

  • TMS Strategic Intelligence 

  • TMS: Emotional and Social Intelligence

Let’s make an impact on what assessments look like for your organisation. Get in touch.

Our latest thinking on assessments

How to use (and not use) self-assessments

Kristen Gyorgak

Blog post

25 October 2022

How to use (and not use) self-assessments

If you're thinking about taking a self-assessment, or having people at your work take one, then read through our disclaimers, definite don'ts and definite dos.

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