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Customer Service

Service that empowers staff to find solutions and create lasting relationships

Customer service is not just about handling complaints; it's about embodying a culture of
care and excellence that leaves a lasting impression. 


We invite your staff to dive deep into the art of customer interaction, learning to anticipate needs, exceed expectations and build genuine connections. From effective communication skills to empathy-building exercises, we equip participants with the tools and mindset needed to turn every interaction into a positive and memorable experience. 


With a focus on problem-solving, active listening, and conflict resolution, we empower your people to resolve issues and to transform challenges into opportunities for building trust and loyalty.

Partner with us to:

  • Improve frontline customer service 

  • Work with challenging customers

  • Develop customer and stakeholder personas

  • Build your customer experience journey map 

  • Recognise and meet the needs and
    expectations of your customers

Let's make an impact on what customer service looks like for your organisation.
Get in touch.

Our latest thinking on customer service

Image by Huper by Joshua Earle

Kristen Gyorgak


29 March 2022

The connection between design and equality

Every product we buy, every service we use and every environment we operate in has been designed. But do they support equality and equity - or make it harder?

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