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Diversity & Inclusion

Embrace diversity and promote inclusion

Diversity and inclusion isn’t a nice to have, it’s a necessity. 


The business case for diversity is clear: diverse organisations create more new business and products.
When an organisation is truly inclusive and has values diversity highly, performance increases.  


We partner with you to understand your D&I opportunities, and create solutions that fit your context and your people. Our programmes are research based and practical.


Your people will be able to reflect, take in the bigger picture, and then move forward to make an impact.

Partner with us on:

  • Our brains and unconscious bias 

  • Psychological safety

  • Intergenerational workplaces

  • Women’s Leadership

  • Cultural intelligence

  • Emotional and social intelligence

  • Inclusive leadership

Let's make an impact on what diversity & inclusions looks like for your organisation.
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Our latest thinking on customer service

Image by Huper by Joshua Earle

Hilary Bryan

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23 November 2023

Tea & Toast: Coaching and mentoring: different approaches

Let's work through different approaches to coaching - there are many. Whether you're an experienced coach or a novice, you'll take away some new ways to coach and mentor. In-person session - all welcome.

Image by Huper by Joshua Earle

Kristen Gyorgak

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28 September 2023

Tea & Toast: Our brains at work

How can we work and collaborate better? Kristen takes a look at what neuroscience has to say about it. This is our first in-person Tea & Toast since Covid - do join us!

Image by Huper by Joshua Earle

Hilary Bryan

Our latest thinking

21 May 2023

The words we use say so much about us

I was with a group online recently working through leading inclusive teams. We got talking about calling in and calling out.

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