Our terms and conditions


Using any of The Training Practice’s services after we’ve informed you of these Terms and Conditions constitutes acceptance.


The New Zealand courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute between you and The Training Practice.


The Training Practice shall treat all information you give us as confidential. You’ll treat all information provided by us in relation to training material as confidential, unless we agree otherwise.

Confirmation of Booking

A booking is confirmed once a specific date is selected. If the booking is arranged 3-12 months in advance we’ll confirm 28 days beforehand.

Cancellations at COVID alert level 1

If you cancel a confirmed booking less than 28 days out, you'll be liable for a percentage of the confirmed booking fee.

  • within 28 days you’ll be liable for 10%

  • within 14 days you’ll be liable for 50%

  • within 7 days you’ll be liable for 100%

If we’ve designed or developed any material before you cancel you may be charged for this work. The above terms apply to both our public and in-house training programmes.

Cancellations and postponements at the red traffic light COVID setting 

We’re here to make things happen. During the Covid-19 pandemic, times are tough for you and for us. You’re faced with disruption and we’re faced with keeping a small business going. That’s why a fair and transparent approach is best.

So, here’s our approach of working with you at different alert and response levels. 


1. If a workshop needs to be re-arranged, we’ll work with you to transfer it online. 

2. If The Training Practice can’t transfer the workshop online and needs to postpone, this will be at no cost to you except those we’ve incurred, such as printing, travel, development etc. 


3. If we're ill with COVID or self-isolating, we'll do our best to offer the workshop or coaching with either the original or a replacement facilitator. If we're unable to work with you, we'll give you as much notice as we can.

4. We’ve successfully continued online delivery at all response levels and expect to continue to do this. If workshops are unable to proceed in-person because of changing alerts levels, and you do not elect to proceed with the online option, this will be considered a cancellation.


The following cancellation rates will apply: 


 • 14 days notice - no charge

 • 8 - 13 days notice – 10% of the fee 

• 7 days or fewer - 50% of the fee

Invoicing and Payment Terms

Please pay all invoices within 14 days of the invoice date (“the due date”). If extensive non-payment occurs, you will be liable for any legal and/or debt collection costs incurred.

Goods and Services Tax

All costs quoted are exclusive of 15% GST.