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What people say about us

"Fantastic - best training I've been on (period!) and an absolute life-line for me as a new manager helping make sense of the chaos. This is the training I've been asking for since day one."

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Upcoming events

Increase your intelligence(s)

Increase your intelligence(s)

9 February 2023

For too long, we've narrowly viewed intelligence as IQ. Join Kristen as she widens the view of intelligence at work - and identify actions we can take to increase our intelligence(s).

What people say about us

Tea & Toast at Yours: The Agility Powerpack
Free 60-minute session 

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Get your team together and invite us along for a short and sharp session on agility. We'll bring the ideas and how to apply them based on the Agility Powerpack. 

Online or in person  - you choose. 


Tailored to you and agile agnostic (we take the best from different approaches) are at the heart of our approach. And, as always, we make it human, make it real and make it happen.


Check out the Powerpack and get in touch to book your Agility Powerpack

Tea & Toast at Yours.

Our latest thinking

Image by Huper by Joshua Earle

Hilary Bryan


4 Feb 2024

Aotearoa now third in corruption index - but why?

This sounds pretty good, but why the drop?

Image by Huper by Joshua Earle

Hilary Bryan


30 Jan 2024

Which office layout works best? Just ask people

Hot desking, open-plan, single offices, internal slides and wacky office interiors, bright colours, pool tables. What works best?

Image by Huper by Joshua Earle

Kristen Gyorgak


24 Jan 2024

What does good look like?

Last week was our first week back from summer break. During our team strategy & planning day, we strove to answer this question: What does good look like for us?

Our latest thinking
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