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Our learning changes the game and is tailored to you. Great learning transforms thinking into action and actions into results. Grow your people, teams and organisation. Partner with us to challenge existing mindsets, support your people and promote behaviour change. 

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We bring a fresh perspective to your organisation. Our consulting is built on getting to the heart of the matter, building trusting relationships and delivering results.

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Great coaching puts the spotlight on what matters. People get the chance to reflect, regroup and refocus.

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Tea & Toast: Recognising cultures in managing change

Tea & Toast: Recognising cultures in managing change

Organisational change projects are often about changing corporate culture - and the approach comes from a corporate perspective. What can corporate culture change projects learn from how different national or identity cultures view and manage change?

Dinah's Tea & Toast for April puts an inclusive and innovative lens over approaches to change management.

KickStart to Leadership, 4 half-day modules

KickStart to Leadership, 4 half-day modules

KickStart is an interactive and highly practical leadership development programme for those who lead others.


Breaking through the screen

Tea & Toast: Creating a Human-Centred Workplace

We'll touch on some familiar themes here: openness, autonomy and innovation.  And we'll put our practical  - how to - twist on it as well.

Our latest thinking

Lessons from a dull Saturday night: losing and failure

Hilary Bryan

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Lessons from a dull Saturday night: losing and failure

How do we cope with failure and losing, particularly if it's ongoing? Hilary got some clues from Daryl Gibson's thesis, Leading While Losing: Elite Coaches' Pespectives on Losing Streaks.

Tea & Toast: The Tyranny of Metrics

Kristen Gyorgak


Tea & Toast: The Tyranny of Metrics

"Not everything that is important is measurable, and much that is measurable is unimportant." | Jerry Muller

Metrics of all shapes and sizes are part of our lives. We set metrics for ourselves, our lives, our work, and our teams as a way to measure how things are going. That makes sense. But our desire to increase accountability, transparency, and effectiveness, combined with the newest technologies has led us into an era of metric fixation.

Create an inclusive environment

Dinah Vincent

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Create an inclusive environment

Who feels included in your workplace? What messages do staff and visitors get from the signs and objects you have on display?

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"Fantastic - best training I've been on (period!) and an absolute life-line for me as a new manager (helping make sense of the chaos). This is the training I've been asking for since day one."

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