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Gallup is on the agility train and bringing a breath of fresh air

Updated: May 3, 2020

Gallup is well and truly steaming ahead with business agility. But what do they mean by agile? For them it’s simple: the ability of an organisation to respond quickly to business needs.

Here are two statements they ask people at work to rate their organisation’s agility:

1. In my company we have the right mindset to respond quickly to business needs.

2. In my company, we have the right tools and processes to respond quickly to business needs.

People who believe their organisation is agile are optimistic about their organisation’s performance and have confidence in its financial future.

“One of the most powerful advantages of agile companies is their ability to give employees a sense of optimism about the organisation’s capacity to survive and thrive amid disruptive marketplace conditions.”

To dig deeper, Gallup questions further about speed and efficiency, freedom to experiment, and communication and collaboration. In some ways, this seems quite simple. And in some ways it is. But that’s its beauty. We’ve come across quite complicated agile models recently, and Gallup’s is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Here’s some of its basic mantras:

  • Pick up the pace.

  • Experiment, experiment, experiment.

  • Learn to be wrong.

  • Make working together expected and easy.

  • Agile organisations are grounded in strong, customer-centric cultures.

Matrixed does not equal agile.

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