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Diversity checklist

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

What makes people feel comfortable to be who they are at work? It’s far more likely to be emotion, rather than logic.

After all, who’d oppose a diverse workforce when evidence shows diversity equals better business results. But policies, targets and even recruiting for diversity only go so far. So good on Simon Moutter, Spark CEO, for embracing a heart, rather than a mind approach to diversity.

I’m reminded of Goffee and Jones’ claim a year or two ago that if you want an engaged workforce, you have to let people be themselves – at work and home. Here’s the rundown of what they recommend to bring Let Me Be Myself to life at work:

  • I’m the same person at home as I am at work.

  • I feel comfortable being myself.

  • We’re all encouraged to express our differences.

  • People who think differently from most do well here.

  • Passion is encouraged even when it leads to conflict.

  • More than one type of person fits in here.

Not a bad checklist for diversity as well as engagement.


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