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What SPACES make you feel positive?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Thanks to neuroscientist, Hilary Scarlett, for her SPACES approach to understanding how to promote positivity. And positivity makes us more focused, willing to collaborate, more creative, more willing to get involved and more resilient.

Here are the six SPACES elements:

S Self-esteem We want to feel respected and good about ourselves.

P Purpose We need to feel what we're doing is worthwhile and has a purpose.

A Autonomy We need some degree of control.

C Certainty We like to predict what's going to happen to us.

E Equity We need an equal and fair chance to achieve.

S Social connection We need to feel we belong.

Not all six are equal for everyone. For me autonomy is my number one and social connection is a close second. What about you?

Promoting positivity and moving people away from threats and towards rewards is important when we're leading people - everyday and through change. It's basic neuroscience and we're certainly in this space.


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