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Three leadership lessons from participants this year

One of the great things about leadership programmes is how participants share information and their leadership practices. Here are three practices I've picked up from this year. I then refer to them with other groups.

It's good to hear the effective leadership practices people are using. And it's even better when you see others picking them up.

100% trust

One new manager agreed with his team that they'd assumed they trusted each other 100%. If someone did something to break trust, then they'd raise it with the person concerned and decide how to get back to 100% trust. And it worked!

One-on-ones: it's your time

One manager was clear that her one-on-ones with her team members was their time. Team members could raise what they wanted and she would listen and coach as needed. Other managers took the approach up and got great results.

Team fun stuff first

One new manager knew she needed to re-build her team. The recent team history hadn't been that productive. But she decided between November and Christmas to focus on social and fun stuff. She asked for suggestions and threw in a few herself.

This was the starting point and next year she'll focus on some more deliberate team building. The team is starting to hum!


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