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Do we expect too much of agile?

Frankly yes - particularly when it comes to embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DE and I). That's why the hot-off-the press report from the Business Agility Institute on agile, and diversity, equity and inclusion is no surprise. Check out:

Agile needs a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion Why should agile methods be more DE and I than others? After all, it wasn't part of the original agile philosophy. But there's no reason why it can't embrace it now - nothing is set in stone.

After all, embracing a DE and I culture needs to be deliberate and the result of real commitment. And it always starts with leaders and coaches setting the agenda, role modelling and leading/coaching through a DE and I lens. Surely agile has got decent starting points: empowered teams, iteration, experimentation and people over process. But now it's got this great research to give it the necessary boost. Specific things to address are:

  • many agile processes and rituals not being designed with DE and I in mind

  • many agile coaches and leaders not having an understanding of DE&I or why it's important

  • agile ways of working not being consciously designed to create, encourage, or support diverse and inclusive teams

  • diverse and inclusive customer needs not being built in.

So, let's marry up agile and DE and I. It'll take commitment, new ways of thinking and behaving and a culture change. And if you're not into agile, check out this report anyway - it's useful for agile and non-agile alike.


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