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You’ve got your own culture and customers, and outcomes you’re working towards. That’s why our learning, consultancy and coaching is customised to you, we don’t believe one size fits all.


After all, agile is a means to an end — how to thrive in a complex and ever-changing environment — it’s not an end in itself.  Read the white paper Crooked timber thinking to see where we're coming from.

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E-learning module: What you need to know about business agility

The Training Practice and Lift Education partner to create e-learning. This short guide to Business Agility gives you our take on business agility, and shows you what our e-learning looks like. 


Our latest thinking on business agility

Two COVID pandemic stories: one agile, one definitely not

Hilary Bryan


13 March 2022

Two COVID pandemic stories: one agile, one definitely not

Hilary discusses the fascinating case study of how Pfizer developed its COVID vaccine in record time from March – December 2020. Ten years is the usual time to develop and launch a vaccine.