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Agile & Business Agility

Adapt quickly, innovate rapidly, and deliver efficiently

The one most adaptable to change is the one that survives.

Charles Darwin originally said this about animal species. The sentiment applies to our organisations as well. 


Embracing Agile isn't just about adopting a set of practices; it's about cultivating
a culture of flexibility and continuous improvement.


We can help your teams embrace a culture that values experimentation, collaboration, and customer focus.
Your people will be set up to thrive in an ever-changing environment, drive growth and stay ahead of the curve.

Our approach is tailored to you

You’ve got your own culture and customers, and outcomes you’re working towards. That’s why our learning, consultancy and coaching is customised to you. We don’t believe one size fits all.

After all, agile is a means to an end — how to thrive in a complex and ever-changing environment — it’s not an end in itself.  Read the white paper Crooked timber thinking to see where we're coming from.


We are on the MSD Agile Provider panel.

Partner with us on:

  • Organisational development

  • Agile leadership

  • Human-centred approaches to agility

Let’s make an impact on what agility looks like for your organisation.
Get in touch.

Our latest thinking on business agility

A master-class in collaboration

Dinah Vincent


7 July 2022

A master-class in collaboration

How do you get people to collaborate effectively?
I saw one way of doing it recently. Three of the factors that helped collaboration were: random teams, a good brief, and a tight deadline

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