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What we do

We partner with you to create customised learning that provokes fresh thinking and actions.
We deliver what, and when, we say we will. Our practical approach is fuelled by intellectual grunt. You’ll find our depth of experience and expertise means we’re passionate and create results.

Facilitation | Consultancy | Coaching | Assessments

Leader Development

Passion, integrity, courage and faith are indispensable leadership characteristics.

— Peter Cammock

Fire up your leaders and freshen up their thinking. New perspectives and challenges are at the heart of our leader development. And they’re the foundation for achieving great things. All leaders—chief executives to team leaders—need time to reflect, regroup, grow and then take action. Our tailored development is built on up-to-date thinking—and follow up.

At the start of your development? KickStart—Becoming a Leader will give you that all important first boost. Leadership Fundamentals will open doors, open minds and develop great leaders. Specialist women's leadership recognises women's leadership challenges. The Agile Leader changes the game; it sets a new leadership agenda. 

For state sector leaders, we'll wrap our programmes around the Leadership Development Centre's Leadership Success Profile.

Leader Development Programmes

  • KickStart—Becoming a Leader

  • Leadership Fundamentals

  • The Agile Leader

  • Developing Women Leaders

  • SSC Leadership Success Profile

Specialist Programmes

  • Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence

  • Coaching your People

  • Managing Performance

  • Increasing Engagement

  • Get Focused, Get Organised, Get Results

  • Conversations that Matter

  • Persuading & Influencing Others

  • Storytelling

  • Building & Maintaining Relationships

  • Managing Customer Service

  • Managing Difficult Behaviour

  • Leading Diversity



It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

— Charles Darwin

Change is happening now at 300 times the rate of the industrial revolution and having 3000 times the impact. You may be leading, or experiencing, developmental, transitional or transformational change. To lead others, or yourself, you need a change mindset and change tools to get you through. That's where we come in. We'll bring the latest change thinking to you. And remember: you may be leading change, but people themselves are going through transition, with all the resistance and turmoil this can bring.


Change is personal for people; everyone has their own perspective. Effective change leaders need a broad skill set. This includes great coaching and communicating to make sure they tune into each person individually.


Our approach is overwhelmingly practical and based on first-hand experiences and up-to-date expertise.

  • Preparing for Change

  • Leading People During Change

  • Coaching for Change

  • Communicating Change

  • Responding to Change

  • Building Change Resilience



The key to human development is building on who you already are.

— Tom Rath, StrengthsFinder 2.0

Focusing on strengths gets better results for individuals, teams and whole organisations. It sounds simple, but the evidence is overwhelming. Once people can map the route from their talents to their specific strengths, they can use them to create success.

Our accredited Strengths team includes leading NZ Strengths practitioners. We help individuals, teams and organisations achieve more.

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder

  • Understanding and Applying Strengths

  • Individual and Team Strengths



The conversation is not about the work. It is the work.

— David Whyte

We need a fresh look at how we communicate. Our work documents often bore, rather than engage. Our presentations and conversations may lack authenticity and conviction.

To change, start with self-awareness. What's your personal style, or writing identity? From there, build in new skills: listening better; holding generative conversations; engaging your readers; giving a memorable presentation.

We keep up-to-date with fresh thinking: why TED Talks are so compelling; why personal pronouns give you away; why business writing is a code that needs to be broken; and why difficult conversations need exceptional courage.

Does your message get across? Yes, but sometimes not in the way you think. Your listeners or readers judge your credibility instinctively. Then they relate your message to their personal story. And lastly, they have an emotional reaction.

Work with us to bring you energy, fresh thinking and just better communication.


  • Writing Clearly and Concisely: reports, letters, business cases


  • Presenting Professionally

  • Storytelling


  • Facilitating Training

  • Facilitating Meetings

Interpersonal communication

  • Conversations that Matter

  • Persuading and Influencing Others

  • Building and Maintaining Relationships

  • Managing Customers

  • Managing Difficult Behaviour



The public service is changing the way it does business to a degree not seen since the 1980s. We’re shifting the focus from delivering outputs to achieving results that matter for New Zealanders.

— Treasury Secretary, Gabriel Makhlouf

You may be a public sector insider, or outsider. Either way, knowing the inside story—the why, what and how—is essential to navigate your way around central and local government. We’ll take you on a journey that shines light into the sector's dark corners, makes the complex clear and the mysterious transparent.


We’ll bring you up to date with structures, who’s who, and the latest themes and ideas. All programmes are tailored to your organisation and your needs.

  • How Government Works

  • How Local Government Works

  • Working with the Official Information Act and Privacy Act


Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.
—Verna Myers

Diversity + inclusion = improved business performance.


That’s the verdict from Deloitte. Why? You get a greater range of views and consider more possibilities. Narrow thinking is bad for business. With greater diversity, people take more risks, innovate more and challenge the status quo more.


While workplaces might be more diverse, they’re not necessarily more inclusive.
That’s because our unconscious biases are ever-present. Our unconscious minds are biased toward recruiting, promoting, and developing people just like ourselves. While having biases is a result of having a human brain, recognising them is the first step towards meaningful change.


What then?


Create a more level playing field with policies, processes, products and people.


Every organisation’s different, so talk to us about customising programmes at all levels. Inclusion and Diversity is more than a ‘nice to have’—it’s development to make a real difference to engagement, retention, and the bottom-line.

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Creating Inclusion and Diversity


Women's Leadership

The dearth of women in high positions does not have a single, simple cause. Rather, women encounter a labyrinth—that is, they navigate complex, often indirect and discontinuous paths toward leadership. Understanding these challenges is key to overcoming them and eventually removing the obstacles that have made women rare in powerful roles.

— Alice Eagly

Why do we have so few women leaders? Sticky floors, labyrinths, concrete ceilings and the double bind are some of the answers. And unconscious bias has a major role to play as well. 

Recent research from CEOs in the US says there’s a distinction between how women and men lead.

Women were less political, less likely to define themselves by their careers, more collaborative, better listeners, more relationship–oriented, and more empathetic and reasonable. Women were also more likely to complete the job at hand and neglect to position themselves to be recognised or promoted.

Men were better at getting attention.

So what do we do? Work at it, talk about it and develop strategies to help women define their leadership, set their agendas and lead in a way that’s authentic and true to them.

Our programmes are based on all the key research and also intensely practical for each woman leader. It’s a chance to sit at the table, reflect and then move forward.



Individual & Team Assessments

We can work with you to understand and motivate your team better, using any of these tools:

  • CliftonStrengths

  • TMS: Team & Leadership 360 degree assessments

  • DiSC Profiles & 360 Leadership Assessments 

  • Leadership Success Profiles