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Two simple ways to focus on your key message

November 23, 2017



When you're starting to write a report or other important document, planning is vital.


Two simple ways to help you focus on what you're writing about are:


In this........(report) about.........(how to run a more efficient project), I'm saying that.........(we should adopt an agile, not waterfall approach). 


If you can complete this simple sentence, you have a fighting chance of getting to the point.


Here's the second - People, Problem, Promise:


The People I'm writing to/about are........(ineffective managers). The Problem I'm addressing is..........(how to help them see their blind spots). My Promise is if you read this report, you'll..........(know three ways ineffective managers can recognise their blind spots with no loss of self-esteem).


See which one works best for you.


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