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Resilience and wellbeing

Develop skills and habits to help yourself thrive

Constant change and occasional crises are energising for some. For others, they are wearing and potentially stressful. We all need to have strategies in place for building and maintaining our resilience and recognising what we need for personal wellbeing.


Everyone builds their resilience and creates personal wellbeing differently—many roads lead to the same destination. That’s why we bring in a wide variety of ideas and approaches that resonate with different people. We want to help you establish habits that support changes in thought and behaviour.

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Build your resilience and wellbeing

Our approach is underpinned by the latest thinking and research, and always grounded in what is practical for you. The approach might include:

  • defining resilience and wellbeing

  • adopting Te Whare Tapa Whā approach to wellbeing

  • recharging, rather than charging on

  • cognitive behaviour therapy methods

  • physical activities and ways of thinking that become habits.  


Our resilience and wellbeing learning, coaching and consulting centres on finding your overall purpose, as an individual and as an organisation. We look at training your mind, engaging your emotions, energising your body, mastering stress and rumination; and concentrating on what you can control.

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Our latest thinking on resilience and wellbeing

Tea & Toast: Build better habits

Kristen Gyorgak


22 February 2024

Tea & Toast: Build better habits

For many of us the New Year means new habits...or at least -- we tell ourselves that we'll develop new habits and then fail. How can we build atomic habits that help us, and how do we break the bad habits that are unhelpful? Join Kristen for our first Tea & Toast in 2024 to reflect on this, and more.

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