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Five 'go to' questions to ask your people at your next catch up

These five questions are great favourites and well worth asking. I've added some follow ups.

Here goes:

1. How would you like to grow within this organisation?

Follow up:

a) What would you like to try you haven't so far?

b) Who do you need to have conversations with to find out more about what they do?

c) What development is a priority for you / on your back burner?

d) What coaching or mentoring would you benefit from?

e) What would be a significant challenge for you?

2. To what extent do you feel a sense of purpose in your job?

Follow up:

a) What's your why?

b) How do your personal values fit with those of the organisation?

c) What does it feel like when there's a fit / not a fit?

3. What do you need from me to do your best work?

Follow up:

a) When have I helped or hindered you recently?

b) What leadership style best suits you?

c) What do you want me to do more of, less of, stop doing altogether, start doing?

4. What are we currently not doing as an organisation you feel we should be?

Follow up:

a) What three things are your biggest irritants?

b) If there were no constraints at all, what should we be doing?

c) What improvements should we make?

d) Where do we need to be more creative?

e) What can we do to improve our internal culture / service to customers / processes and procedures?

5. Are you able to do your best work every day?

Follow up:

a) To what extent do you know your strengths?

b) To what extent are you using them every day?

c) What needs to happen for you to use your strengths every day?


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