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Our services

We offer learning, consulting and coaching to bring about new thinking, new directions and a new future for your organisation
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Our learning changes the game and is tailored to you. Great learning transforms thinking into action and actions into results. Grow your people, teams and organisation. Partner with us to challenge existing mindsets, support your people and promote behaviour change. 

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We bring a fresh perspective to your organisation. Our consulting is built on getting to the heart of the matter, building trusting relationships and delivering results.

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Great coaching puts the spotlight on what matters. People get the chance to reflect, regroup and refocus.


Everyone needs to learn continually. And we get how people learn. How and what is up to you. All of our learning is tailored to your people and your context. That’s why partnership and a great relationship are so important.


Face to face, virtual, e-Learning and digital learning, or just in time: choose what works for you. Our experience in adult learning, education, leadership, communications and broadcasting mean we’re expert instructional designers and facilitators.


We’re learner-centred and use the latest research and ideas. More than that, we engage and energise. The end result is renewed action or behaviour change.


Work with us to develop solutions that work for you and your people.

In-person learning

In-person we create an open and energetic environment. With the right people, the right environment, and the right conversations, people make amazing progress and turn learning into actions.

Virtual learning

We develop online solutions that work for you. That may be webinars or workshops: either way we have the expertise to create great learning experiences. 


We can use your systems or ours (Zoom) to deliver engaging virtual learning for your people.


E-learning can supplement or be a sole learning method. We work with our trusted partners, Lift Education, to bring great e-learning to life. Check out an example of what we deliver here

We offer a whole digital learning suite of services from analysing learning needs to evaluation. See more about everything we provide digitally with our partner, Lift Education here.

Just-in-time resources

Learning happens everywhere. So often your people need to learn at that very moment on the job. They don’t have time to wait. Work with us to create accessible and easy-to-follow material tailored to you, delivered digitally and quickly.

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Our consultancy offerings are fit-for-purpose and solutions focused.


We advise, develop, and deliver results that lead to better performance, better systems and an overall better organisation.


Partner with us to develop:



  • Learning needs analyses and reviews 

  • Learning and competency frameworks

  • New learning programmes


Organisational development

  • Organisational culture and values

  • Engagement strategies 

  • Change strategies 

  • Performance management systems

  • Inclusion and diversity strategies 

  • Resilience and wellbeing approaches



  • Communication plans

  • Writing guidelines



  • Agile ways of working

  • Agile teams and coaching



Supporting and challenging are two sides of coaching. Individuals and teams need support, but to make progress, challenge has an important role to play.


Coaching has huge benefits for organisations.

  • Higher employee engagement.

  • Improved individual performance.

  • Enhanced opportunities.

  • Empowered people who find their own solution.


As experienced coaches, we ask insightful questions that get to the heart of people’s challenges. Then we empower them to create ways forward that are sometimes obvious and sometimes take courage.

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