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Our Brains and Bias

As humans we are all affected by bias. Bias has costs – it limits options, inhibits decision-making, and erodes trust. Once we recognise our biases, we can see how they affect our relationships, work, and workplaces. And that is great motivation for developing strategies to overcome our biases.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who wants to understand how bias is affecting their work, their relationships, and their potential.    


After this workshop, you’ll be able to: 

  • recognise your own biases 

  • plan to overcome them


  • Understand why we have biases

  • System 1 and 2 thinking

  • Recognise commonly held biases

  • Recognise bias in your decision making

  • Develop strategies to address bias in the workplace

Dates & registration

Kristen Gyorgak facilitates Our Brains and Bias in November.  The  full-day workshop is $650 (excl GST). This includes catering and course materials.

We'd love to have you along.



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