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KickStart to Business Agility

You can’t do Agile without being agile. And being agile starts with an agile mindset.  This programme takes a broad view of agile. We’ll focus on business agility - how agile works throughout an organisation, not confined to a project methodology.

You’ll work through ideas and practices ranging from the Business Agility Institute’s business agility model to Stephen Denning’s three laws of agile: the law of the small team; the law of the customer; and the law of the network. (We’re not sure they’re actual laws!) 

We’ll include agile culture, innovation, lean and design thinking. All these combine to create a fresh approach to business agility.


The programme’s based on great ideas and theories. We’ve translated that thinking into action to help participants apply agile, be agile, and grow business agility in organisations.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who wants to kickstart their agile thinking and actions. You may be a leader, a team member, a specialist in a business area  - anyone in fact, who’s curious about agile.


Adopt an agile mindset and agile values

Create an agile-friendly culture

Relate business agility to future success and innovation

Build agile teams and organisations

Adopt agile practices and ways of working


Day one

Agile mindset

  • Thinking before and alongside agile

  • Agile Manifesto principles applied business-wide

  • Non-linear ways of thinking, seeing the VUCA world and continually learning

  • The Cynefin framework to develop strategy and problem solve

Agile ways of working

  • Practical agile tools: Kanban, stand ups, retrospectives

  • Agile organisations and culture 

  • The three so-called laws of agile

  • The Business Agility Institute model

Day two

Building agile teams and teaming

  • Self-organising teams 

  • Characteristics of effective team members

  • Teaming principles 

  • The importance of emotional intelligence, communication and collaboration

Encouraging innovation

  • Enabling and disrupting

  • Innovating

  • Leading change

  • Iteration, failing fast and experimentation

Dates & registration

We are running three sessions of KickStart to Business Agility in 2020; in March, June, and September, each over two full days. The June session will be facilitated by Hilary Bryan, and the March and September sessions will be facilitated by Kristen Gyorgak. Each session costs $1150 (ex GST).

We'd love to have you along.



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