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Our learning changes the game and is tailored to you. Great learning transforms thinking into action and actions into results. Grow your people, teams and organisation. Partner with us to challenge existing mindsets, support your people and promote behaviour change. 

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We bring a fresh perspective to your organisation. Our consulting is built on getting to the heart of the matter, building trusting relationships and delivering results.

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Great coaching puts the spotlight on what matters. People get the chance to reflect, regroup and refocus.

Upcoming events

KickStart to Leadership Online

KickStart to Leadership Online

KickStart is an interactive and highly practical leadership development programme for those who lead others. The programme will be delivered via Zoom in four 3.5 hour modules, and costs $1150 plus GST per participant.

Tea & Toast: Our Brains & Bias

Tea & Toast: Our Brains & Bias

We're looking at the neuroscience of bias, and delving into how our perceptions of people and situations can lead to bias.


Our latest thinking

We get the why, focus on the how

Kristen Gyorgak

Blog post

We get the why, focus on the how

Our brains work from the inside of the circle out: first we feel, then we do. Our brain primarily runs on emotion—we rationalise things after the fact.

Negotiate, but forget getting to yes

Hilary Bryan

Blog post

Negotiate, but forget getting to yes

I've always been fascinated by hostage situations, and thought we must have a lot to learn from hostage negotiators. Then, I've thought -...

Only the lonely

Hilary Bryan

Blog post

Only the lonely

We're emerging or have emerged from lockdown. Some people are championing working from home. Personally, I was at home in a crisis trying...

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"Fantastic - best training I've been on (period!) and an absolute life-line for me as a new manager (helping make sense of the chaos). This is the training I've been asking for since day one."

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