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Difficult Conversations

You know the ones – conversations that you put off or, maybe worse, that replay in your head long after they are finished because they didn’t go well. These are high-stakes conversations that have the potential to improve relationships, increase clarity, and provide direction. This workshop looks at the factors that make conversations difficult, and gives you techniques and tools to overcome them. 

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who has:

  • put off conversations at work because they were concerned about where it might lead

  • come away from conversations unsure of the outcome

  • felt they lost control of a conversation.


You’ll be more confident about starting conversations you previously delayed or avoided. Your confidence will come from:

  • better understanding of others’ perspectives

  • knowing how to respond to emotion

  • increased listening skills

  • having plans and blueprints for conversations

  • practice.

Day one


  • Why people avoid difficult conversations

  • Explore others’ paths and stories

  • Listening well

  • Building rapport

  • Planning for difficult conversations

  • Practising conversations

Dates & registration

We are running two workshops of Difficult Conversations in 2010, in March and September, both facilitated by Dinah Vincent.

The cost of each full-day workshop is $650 (excl GST). This includes catering and course materials.

We'd love to have you along.



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