Customised learning

We achieve great things through game-changing learning. That means partnering with you to develop a customised programme that solves the challenges you and your organisation face.

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Leader development

Fire up your leaders and freshen up their thinking, with new perspectives and challenges, tailored to your values. We have programmes for every stage of leadership. For state sector leaders, we'll wrap our programmes around the Leadership Development Centre's Leadership Success Profile.

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Focusing on strengths gets better results for individuals, teams and whole organisations. It sounds simple, but the evidence is overwhelming. Once people can map the route from their talents to their specific strengths, they can use them to create success. Our accredited CliftonStrengths team will help you achieve more.

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Inclusion and diversity

Create a more level playing field with policies, processes, products and people. Every organisation’s different, so talk to us about customising programmes at all levels. Inclusion and diversity is more than a ‘nice to have’—it’s development to make a real difference to engagement, retention, and the bottom-line.

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Business agility

You need your people to innovate. You want to be nimble. You need agile.


Partner with us to gear up your organisation, leaders and teams. It's not just about techniques - it starts with an agile mindset. Get that right, then upskill to build an agile organisation.


We tailor our agile development to you. What do your people need? We'll customise your development programmes - workshops, coaching, eLearning.

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We need a fresh look at how we communicate. We keep up-to-date with fresh thinking: why TED Talks are so compelling; why personal pronouns give you away; why business writing is a code that needs to be broken; and why difficult conversations need exceptional courage. Work with us to bring you energy, fresh thinking and just better communication. 

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Women's leadership

Why do we have so few women leaders? Sticky floors, labyrinths, concrete ceilings and the double bind are some of the answers. So what do we do? Work at it, talk about it and develop strategies to help women define their leadership, set their agendas and lead in a way that’s authentic and true to them. Our programmes are based on all the key research and also intensely practical for each woman leader.

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Change is personal for people; everyone has their own perspective. Effective change leaders need a broad skill set. To lead others, or yourself, you need a change mindset and change tools to get you through. That's where we come in.

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You may be a public sector insider, or outsider. Either way, knowing the inside story—the why, what and how—is essential to navigate your way around central and local government. We’ll take you on a journey that shines light into the sector's dark corners, makes the complex clear and the mysterious transparent.

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We can work with you to understand and motivate your team better, using any of these tools:


TMS: Team & Leadership 360 degree assessments

DiSC Profiles & 360 Leadership Assessments 

Leadership Success Profiles