We need a fresh look at how we communicate. We keep up-to-date with fresh thinking: why TED Talks are so compelling; why personal pronouns give you away; why business writing is a code that needs to be broken; and why difficult conversations need exceptional courage. Work with us to bring you energy, fresh thinking and just better communication. 

"The conversation is not about the work. It is the work."

- David Whyte

David Whyte is spot on. We’re communicating all the time, whether we know it or not. All too often we assume a simple approach: message sent, job done.


Work with us for a fresh look at how you communicate. So often our documents bore, rather than engage. And our presentations and conversations may lack authenticity and conviction.

How to change for the better?

Start with self-awareness. What’s your personal style, or writing identity? From there, build in new skills: listen; hold generative conversations; engage your readers; tell a great story; give a memorable presentation.

Keep a firm focus on your listeners and readers. They’ll instinctively judge your credibility, relate your message to their personal story, and lastly react emotionally.


Work with us to bring energy, fresh thinking and just better communication.


We’ll work with your documents and understand your readers. Plain English? Certainly. And a great deal more. We focus on your readers, writing tone and structure. We'll help you write clearly and concisely: reports, letters, business cases.


The ancient Greeks and TED presenters have so much to teach us. Work with us for programmes or individual coaching. We'll help you present professionally and tell your stories.


We'll help you transform your routine meetings and add to your facilitation arsenal.

Interpersonal communication

Take an in-depth look at yourself and your style.
Then, build on your strengths to connect with
others and generate fresh understandings.
We'll help you have conversations that matter, persuade and influence others, build and maintain relationships, and manage customers and difficult behaviour.

We'd love to have a conversation about how we can help you communicate.

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