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Business Agility for Leaders

Thinking about leadership in the agile world we’re already living in? Want to innovate and try new ways of working? Keen to iterate and learn from failure?


Then join us for two days of Business Agility for Leaders and follow up support. 


Get a fresh injection of thinking and discover new ways of leading that will set you up for the future. You’ll leave with actions you can take immediately and ideas you can promote in your organisation.

Why Business Agility?


Agile leaders can lead in complex, ambiguous and disruptive times. They’re leaders who respond quickly, iterate and innovate. And they take people with them.


During this two-day Business Agility for Leaders programme, you’ll get to grips with an agile mindset and business agility organisation-wide.


We’ll cover a wide variety of ideas, thinking and tools. The end result is a mosaic of relevant and practical ways to mobilise for business agility. But mindset comes first. You’ll be open to uncertainty, failing and continuous learning. You’ll drop the fiction of prediction, scan the horizon for opportunities and challenge assumptions. You’ll learn to make the science of “muddling through” respectable.


We’ll bring together systems thinking, Lean Startup, lean practices, innovation, trial and error, and design thinking. They’ll wrap around the Cynefin framework and strategic thinking.


And then there’s the people you lead. You’ll need nimble performance management, talent management and development approaches.  Flexible and T-shaped people, self-organising teams and great collaboration are the end result. Emotional intelligence, building trust, coaching and face-to-face communication are vital parts of the business agility mix. Add diverse thinking and a growth mindset and you have a powerful blend.


The last few tiles in the mosaic are agile practices that work. Some people put them on a pedestal. But like everything, you have to be open to adaptation and what works.

Overview of the programme

Programme outcomes

At the end of this programme, you’ll be able to:

  • adopt an agile mindset

  • use the Cynefin framework to categorise your challenges and /strategise/plan/lead accordingly

  • recognise how business agility affects organisational culture

  • understand what an agile organisation looks like

  • link systems thinking, Lean Startup, design thinking and lean frameworks with agile

  • innovate and promote iteration, learning from failure and creative thinking

  • build your emotional intelligence and collaboration skills

  • create self-organising teams

  • communicate effectively face-to-face, and coach individuals and teams

  • adopt agile people leadership practices

  • use agile practices suitable for all areas of an organisation.

How will the workshop be run?

You’ll have a detailed set of materials, and references to additional resources. You’ll be exposed to a mix of theories and ideas. And you’ll go away with practical ideas you can implement and work with.

Moving into action 

You’ll leave the workshop with a clear idea of your next actions. We’ll call you one month after the workshop to check on progress and offer additional support.

Programme content

Day one

  • Why agile thinking didn’t start with the agile manifesto.

  • Obliquity; rock and water logic; muddling through; and our psychological need for certainty.

  • The Cynefin framework.

  • Three (so-called) laws of agile.

  • Agile organisation-wide, and in silos.

  • Systems thinking, Lean Startup, lean and design thinking: how they link with agile.

  • Iteration, trial and error, being nimble.

  • Innovation, failure and creative thinking.

Day two

  • Emotional intelligence and collaboration.

  • Self-organising teams and diverse thinking.

  • Agile coaching.

  • Agile performance management, career management and role flexibility.

  • Trust, collaboration and a growth mindset.

  • Agile practices based on adaptability.

  • Action planning.

Your facilitator

Hilary Bryan

Hilary Bryan, The Training Practice director, will facilitate this workshop. She’s an active member of the Business Agility Institute and facilitated at the 2018 Institute’s Sydney Business Agility conference.


Hilary has authored  a White Paper: Crooked Timber Thinking Before Agile - you can download it here


Hilary has a lively and engaging and facilitation style and generates insights and enthusiasm for participants.


Monday 29th
& Tuesday 30th
April 2019


Level 7, Chartered
Accountants House
50 Customhouse Quay


$1,200 per person
(for both days and follow up)
Includes materials and catering. Excludes GST.

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